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The Next Nine Months

You only get one chance to experience the magic of pregnancy. No matter how many more pregnancies or children you deliver, this pregnancy is unique and special. Do not miss a moment of the magic and specialness this time offers in your life. The information below helps you better understand some of the most important things to do when you are expecting a baby.

Take Care of Yourself

pregnancy care center tampa fl

Everything that you do to yourself ultimately affects the baby growing inside your tummy. There is no way to get around it.  Keep yourself safe to keep baby safe. It’s a small price to pay to enjoy the experience of motherhood. Take care of yourself and take care of the baby in the process. Do not smoke, avoid alcohol and drugs, eat healthy foods, and otherwise do the things that keep you at your best.

Visit the Ob/GYN

No more important time in life to visit the doctor -for every appointment. The OB/GYN monitors baby’s growth and progress, as well as your own. If any problems exist, you’ll know well before delivery. OB/GYN visits ensure a healthy delivery and baby. Never miss a visit to the pregnancy care center tampa fl!

Write it Down

Every special kick and moment of pregnancy is one that you’ll want to cherish forever. The special moments make life amazing and that is what it is all about. Make sure you keep a pregnancy journal for yourself and for baby. Don’t anticipate remembering all of these memories in 10, 20, or 30 years.

Take Photos

Be happy with your growing baby bump. Lots of photos help you remember this very important time in your life. You’ll want plenty of photos in the album as well. Use every chance possible to snap photos.