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Children’s Safety Tips

It is important that we keep our children safe.  In the world today we can’t trust anyone, even people in our own families have been known to do wrong things to children. As parents it is our jobs to really know where our children are, what they are doing and who they are interacting with.  When a problem occurs, or a situation presents itself it is also important that information be available at a moment’s notice as well.  This is why a lot of parents are seriously considering purchasing childrens medical id bracelets.  With these bracelets we are able to have a lot of vital information available for those who need it.

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Don’t let them wonder off

This sounds like a simple task but in an instant your child could be anywhere.  This can be walking through a grocery store or even in your own homes.  When it comes to children you need to be able to see and hear them at all times. 

Give them code words

It is a good idea that a family have a monthly meeting to talk about different issues.  It is during these meetings that they discuss code words and different phrases that will keep them safe.  When we have code words we can give children the power to determine if a situation is safe or not.  These code words should be changed regularly and be simple.

Point of contact

Give each child a point of contact that they need to report to.  For instance, if you are running late and can’t get home to grab your children off of the bus, they need to know that they are to go to an aunt or a neighbor.  This will be the point of contact each child must use when they find themselves alone or away from home.

Putting it all together

It is important that you have all of this information together and reviewed regularly.  You will also want to create safety drills and test to see what would happen in specific situations.  If you don’t practice and keep this information fresh, then it is not valuable.