Homelow level light therapy for hair lossLaser Therapy On Low Level Just To Be Safe

Laser Therapy On Low Level Just To Be Safe

low level light therapy for hair loss

Fighting for the restoration or remediation of a dramatic loss of hair can be contentious in the sense that a growing number of men and women, perhaps out of sheer desperation are going ahead with all kinds of therapies without first seeking qualified medical advice. And the irony of it all is that whilst most specialist medical practitioners, dermatologists in this particular instance, will be qualifying themselves to apply low level light therapy for hair loss, there are numerous others not strictly speaking qualified as medical practitioners, or health and wellness professionals, who are able to utilize the laser technologies available and its devices, qualified in its use or not.

There are most certainly regulations in place that govern the purchase of and use of these devices. But policing the industry remains quite challenging, particularly when pretty much anyone these days can purchase pretty much anything from the internet, even a laser device. Nevertheless, most hair remediation therapists are qualified within the industry in which they practice. They generally adhere to a code of conduct and follow a number of laid down rules, perhaps quite similar to those that a specialist medical practitioner, in this case, a dermatologist, or general practitioner would be required to follow.

And patients or customers are always within their rights to lodge formal complaints should there ever be a suspected case of malpractice. Malpractice happens. Both doctors and patients need to beware. So too the therapists. Perhaps it is fair to suggest that low level light therapy for hair loss is a case of safety first. Turning the dial to its maximum could have dramatic and consequential side-effects for the patient, let alone never seeing another fiber of hair on his head again.